How to cook with barley

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How to cook with barley

Barely must be one of the MOST UNDERUTILIZED grains that you get. Most people just chuck it into a soup but here is a great recipe which allows you to make fantastic salads using barley as a source of HEALTHY CARBS and GREAT SOURCE of FIBER!


Curried peach and bare salad

Adapted from: Eating for Sustained Energy

Serves 4



500 mL boiling water

Pinch of salt

250 mL raw pearled barely

1 tin of peach slimes canned in fruit juice

1 pepper (green, red or yellow)

1 onion (peeled and finely diced)

Small packet of baby spinach

60 g Danish feta

20 mL reduced fat salad dressing

5 mL curry powder

2.5 mL turmeric

30 mL lemon juice

Ground black pepper to taste



  1. Pour the boiling water into a saucepan and add a pinch of salt to the barley. Cook until soft (about 45 min)
  2. Drain the canned peaches and chop into small pieces
  3. Chop the green pepper and onion
  4. Dice the baby spinach (optional: microwave for 1 minute)
  5. Place the boiled barely into a salad bowl – allow to cool (for fast cooling – place in freezer for 5 min)
  6. Add the chopped peaches, green pepper, onion and baby spinach (optional: add Rosa tomatoes) to the salad bowl once barely has cooled.
  7. Crumble the feta into a bowl, add the reduced fat salad dressing, curry powder, turmeric, lemon juice and mix well
  8. Add the feta and dressing mixture to the barely mixture
  9. Store in fridge or cooler bag until ready to consume – leaving this salad to stand for an hour or two will further develop the flavours.


ENJOY! REMEMBER…. Love Food. Eat Smart. Love Life.