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Your first consultation could include: Anthropometric assessment, Biochemical assessment, Clinical assessment, Dietary assessment


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I can help with improve the health of your employees which allows for increased productivity & improved well-being!


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I am a renowned public speaker often featuring on the Expresso Show and Author of ‘Food for Sensitive Tummies’ recipe book.

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As the years go by and the human body ages, we sometimes forget how to take care of it. The importance of a balanced intake of nutrition has never been more paramount. With the assistance of a qualified Dietician we look at the significance of what you put in your stomach.

Website: http://afternoonexpress.co.za/

Principles to live by

Do Away with FAD Diets!

FAD diets are those which promise miracle weight loss in a short span of time and those which restrict foods/ food groups.These diets actually make it much more difficult to lose weight in the long term because they are not sustainable. Restrictive diets, from a dietitian’s point of view, are totally unacceptable! All foods can be enjoyed if you are empowered with the correct nutritional skills and knowledge!

Eat Smaller More Frequent Meals

Kick start your metabolism by eating 3 main meals per day and 2 snacks in between. If you have been skipping meals or if your current eating habits are erratic then your body needs to relearn how to burn energy! The best way to ‘up’ your metabolism is by making sure you eat regularly.

Everyone is Unique!

Just like we are all have different personalities – we all have different needs, likes and dislikes! Having said this – it is important to understand that what works for one, will not necessary work for the other. Personalized dietary advice based on your specific needs can be achieved by working together with a dietitian.

Remember you are not alone AND you can do it!

There are many people who struggle with their weight as well as those who already have lifestyle-related complications – it is what you can do to take the necessary steps in improving not only your physical health but also your overall well-being. Working hard to ensure weight loss and an improvement in lifestyle is the most rewarding experience – even if you take small steps to start!

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