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Consultation Rates for 2024 (subject to change with timely notice via mailer)

We are offer face-to-face as well as online consultations. Book online here.

Our rates are as follows: 

NEW patients – Initial consultation, eating plan and collection appointment = R2300.00

  • 60-minute assessment and body composition analysis and report = R875.00 (billed on the 1st visit)
  • Eating plan – R550.00 (billed on the 1st visit – you don’t need to come in on the day that the charge is billed on)
  • 60-minute collection consultation, personalized report, individualized eating plan = R875.00 (billed on the 2nd visit)

NEW patients – Initial consultation without formal eating plan using the non-diet approach = R1315.00

  • NON-DIET APPROACH includes guidelines and recommendations, and which are in no way inferior to a formal eating plan. This approach is for people who want to focus on lifestyle changes and long-term weight management
  • 90 minutes or 60 minutes with resources = R1315.00

NEW patients – COUPLES appointment = R4000.00 (saving of R600.00)

Kindly note that couple’s sessions are reserved for people who live together in the same household

  • 90-minute assessment = R1400.00 (billed on the 1st visit, IF couples come together – R700 each)
  • Eating plan – R600.00 per eating plan (R600.00 x2) = R1200.00
  • 90-minute collection: personalized report, eating plans = R1400.00 (IF couples come together – R700 each)
  • If couples decide to come separately for the second session, then R875.00 per 60-minute session

EXISTING patients – Follow-up visits

  • 20 minutes at R450.00 per session – PACKAGE RATE is R425.00 x3 = R1275.00
  • 30 minutes at R550.00 per session – PACKAGE RATE is R525.00 x3 = R1575.00
  • 40 minutes at R700.00 (for returning patients and couples follow-up sessions)

Hourly rateR850.00

Discovery Nutrition Assessment = R512.50

Body composition assessment

  • 10-15 minutes at R300.00 – measurement only
  • 20 minutes at R400.00 – measurement and interpretation a

 Genetic testing – offered by Cath Day RD(SA) only

  • For current clients: Genetic test kit and feedback session (60 minutes) and food focus list – R5750.00
  • Entry level package (kit, initial assessment, and feedback session (no eating plan) – R6350.00
  • Intermediate package (kit, initial assessment, feedback session, eating plan and collection) – R7685.00
  • Comprehensive package (kit, initial assessment, feedback, eating plan, collection and follow up) – R8285.00


  • Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment in less than 24 hours then the consultation you have been booked for will be charge for in full. This amount cannot be claimed back from your medical aid.
  • Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment within 24 hours – no charge. Please let us know via telephone 021 011 5432 or email info@catherineday.co.za

Payment options include – credit/ debit card payments on site, YOCO online payments, Snap Scan and EFT.

If you would like to book with our receptionist (payment not required on day of booking), please call 021 011 5432 during office hours (08:30-16:30).

If the online booking system is faulty (apologies this is rare but it does happen from time to time) – please notify us as we will assist you via email (info@catherinday.co.za)

We do provide you with a statement with the correct coding (to the best of our knowledge) so that you are able to submit the cost of your consultation to your medical aid for reimbursement. We can also submit the invoice on your behalf. 

More on Individual Consultations

I work together with you in the following way:

Your first appointment is focused on me getting to know you. This assessment includes biochemical assessment, clinical assessment and dietary assessment. Kindly note that if you would like an eating plan – you need to book a follow-up appointment in order to receive your personalized eating plan. No eating plan is the same thus I do need time to put this together for you. This usually takes a week maximum and is subject to my availability.

You are welcome and strongly encouraged to book your second appointment when you book your first appointment but these two appointments should at least be 7 days apart (1 week).

My philosophy is to educate you around nutrition in such a way that you do not need to rely on rigid meal plans to maintain a long-term sustainable healthy eating pattern (allowing you to make good choices irrespective of the food situation you find yourself in). I do provide you with a flexible 3 day sample meal plan as it is a good tool to get you started and to learn proper portion control which is included in the initial consultation fee but you do need to make a second appointment (60 minutes) so that we can finalize your individualized eating plan.

If you would like more extensive meal plans (i.e. more than 3 days) and specialized recipes these will be at an additional cost due to the time (outside of your consultation fee as mentioned above) needed to compile them for you – feel welcome to discuss this with me (info@catherineday.co.za)

Contact me (info@catherineday.co.za) if you wish to inquire about her professional speaking rates (this can be done virtually).

If you would like to make a booking you can do so in three ways:

  1. Book online using our online calendar – click on this link
  2. Phone the Wellness on Ladies Mile receptionist. Please contact her directly at 021 011 5432 or email her at info@catherineday.co.za 
  3. Email me at info@catherineday.co.za  or whats app at 082 534 9098 (only during office hours)

If you would like to message me directly before making an appointment – you are welcome to do so using the cell phone number above. Voice notes are best as I am not able to answer the phone during the day as I am usually booked in advance.

You are welcome to send messages and emails after hours but please note that all emails and messages are only responded to during business hours.

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