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I can help you improve the health of your employees which allows for increased productivity & improved well-being!


I offer corporate wellness solutions to various companies. I have a vast amount of experience in professional speaking as I am also a lecturer at the Division of Human Nutrition, University of Cape Town. Although I have an academic side to me I also LOVE the practical side of food and nutrition.

I offer the following services which can be incorporated into your annual company wellness day:

  • Smoothie demonstrations
  • Healthy lunch demonstrations
  • Healthy snacks demonstration
  • Quick and easy lunch/ supper ideas
  • One-on-one consultations (30 min per employee)
  • Weight loss group sessions (a dietitians take of the ‘biggest loser’ concept – 8 week program)
  • Displays of healthy food product choices

Some company’s that I have done wellness days for: 

  • Allan Gray
  • Old Mutual
  • Cliffe Hofmeyr Dekker
  • Pres Les
  • Cape Grace
  • Transnet
  • Zando’s
  • CSIR
  • Sanral
  • SA Rugby Union
  • Cape Town Tourism
  • Communicare
  • Comessa Foods
  • Kazang
  • One Nebula
  • AND many more…

Some feedback from one of the wellness days:

“Cath came to speak to our Company about how to pack a healthy lunch box, as well as why it’s important to eat healthily throughout the day. She linked this in with the effect on productivity and concentration in the work place and demonstrated how to prepare a few quick and easy healthy meals. She provided very relevant info with a strong educational backing on how to live a balanced lifestyle. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed her engaging demonstration and we highly recommend her.”

In November 2023, our company had a wellness day, and we approached Catherine Day Dietitian to join. Registered dietitian, Tessa Hill, was there with a healthy products display, tasters and one-on-one time with employees visiting the stand. Tessa’s love and passion for people, health and food remains true. She took the time to listen to employee concerns and personal goals, and then provided personalized, practical advice with a friendly and non-judgmental approach. I highly recommend Cath Day services to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and overall health.


Why is corporate wellness important? 

The benefits to businesses that care about healthy nutrition are far-reaching.  There’s a wide array of research studies that provide comprehensive evidence of the effects of what we eat on performance. Who doesn’t want healthy, focused and productive employees?

A healthy employee is a focused and productive employee.  What we eat is fundamental to our well-being in the short and long term.  It is also fundamental to our performance in the moment.  Work dominates the lives of adults and how we manage and choose our food at work is critical to our well-being.

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