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Do Away with FAD Diets!

FAD diets are those which promise miracle weight loss in a short span of time and those which restrict foods/ food groups.These diets actually make it much more difficult to lose weight in the long term because they are not sustainable. Restrictive diets, from a dietitian’s point of view, are totally unacceptable! All foods can be enjoyed if you are empowered with the correct nutritional skills and knowledge!

Eat smaller more frequent meals

Kick start your metabolism by eating 3 main meals per day and 2 snacks in between. If you have been skipping meals or if your current eating habits are erratic then your body needs to relearn how to burn energy! The best way to ‘up’ your metabolism is by making sure you eat regularly.

Everyone is unique!

Just like we are all have different personalities – we all have different needs, likes and dislikes! Having said this – it is important to understand that what works for one, will not necessary work for the other. Personalized dietary advice based on your specific needs can be achieved by working together with a dietitian.

Routine is KEY...

Routine is one of the most powerful ways in which you can manage your eating habits. Eating at similar times every day is definitely the way to go when trying to manage your blood sugar levels. By learning how to control this = LESS cravings!

Support is Essential

Breastfeeding has to be learned and many women encounter difficulties at the beginning. Nipple pain, and fear that there is not enough milk to sustain the baby are common. Health facilities that support breastfeeding’”by making trained breastfeeding counsellors available to new mothers do encourage higher rates of the practice. To provide this support and improve care for mothers and newborns, there are “baby-friendly“ facilities in about 152 countries thanks to the WHO-UNICEF Baby-friendly Hospital initiative.

Be active!

The world is a beautiful place to be! And should gym not be your cup-of-tea – no worries! Making sure you are moving about and getting in some form of exercise is more beneficial than getting no exercise! Exercise is one of the single most important strategies which promote great health and a significant reduction in disease.

Remember you are not alone AND you can do it!

There are many people who struggle with their weight as well as those who already have lifestyle-related complications – it is what you can do to take the necessary steps in improving not only your physical health but also your overall well-being. Working hard to ensure weight loss and an improvement in lifestyle is the most rewarding experience – even if you take small steps to start!

Love Food. Eat smart. Love life

Loving food is why a dietitian becomes a dietitan – we have a love for food which is smart to eat and is what we would love to pass onto you so that you may love life for a long time to come!

Who better to learn from than a dietician, the nutrition experts

Dietitians base their recommendations on evidence-based nutritional guidelines however as each individual is different these guidelines are then tweaked by the dietitian to suit each individuals different needs taking into account any disease specific information and the lifestyle practices. Click here to view my contact details.