Aubergine Spread

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Aubergine Spread

Who needs butter or margarine when you have this AWESOME RECIPE for Aubergine Spread… So delicious and great way to get in your vegetable quota! 



Eggplant spread using dry frying method

1 eggplant (medium size)

½ onion

Black pepper & pinch of salt

¼ stock cube in 250 mL boiling water

Fresh ginger


Paprika (cayenne pepper/ green jalapeño for skop)

  1. Cube the eggplant and the onion
  2. Dissolve the stock cube in a measuring jug with 250 mL boiling water
  3. Add to your eggplant and onion mix to your non-stick frying pan
  4. Add a little of the stock cube water mixture (enough to cover base of pan)
  5. Bring the mixture to the boil, turn heat down once hot
  6. Add spices and herbs (except for the coriander)
  7. Continuously add the stock cube water mixture to the pan – avoid the pan from drying out
  8. The mixture is ready when the eggplant is soft – take off the heat & allow to cool
  9. Take a hand blend to make into a paste – enjoy on provitas or ww bread instead of butter/ margarine

Optional: Add 60 mL of LF or FF plain yoghurt/ cottage cheese to the cooled down mixture for a smoother texture


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