Consultation Rates for 2019 (subject to change with timely notice)

This practice is cash based (it does not submit directly to medical aids however we do provide you with a statement with the correct coding so that you are able to submit the cost to your medical aid). We strive to make this process as easy as possible for you. We do have debit card facilities and we do take cash payments. However, no cheques will be accepted. 

Individual Consultations

I work in the following way – your first appointment includes your assessment and then you need to book a follow-up appointment in order to receive your personalized eating plan. No eating plan is the same thus I do need time to put this together for you.

You do not go home empty handed after your first consultation though, I provide you with at least 3 goals to achieve before our next appointment.

If you book an appointment on Monday or Tuesday – your eating plan will be ready by Friday and appointments booked on Friday or Saturday will receive their eating plans the following Friday.

This provides you with enough time to ensure that the changes (goals) we made in the initial appointment have had time to start taking root in your lifestyle. If you would prefer to receive your eating plan within 24-48 hours you can request this however in my experience it is better to first work on getting the “basics” right before complicating matters with an eating plan (which is more structured). Adding structure to a good foundation makes more sense than building on something which has no foundation. 

My rates are as follows: 

  • Initial Consultation (60 minutes) : R980.00 
  • Regular follow-up appointments (30 minutes) : R380.00
  • Hourly rate (60 minutes): R600.00 
  • Longer follow-up  appointments (45 minutes) : R550.00
  • Short follow-up appointment (20 minutes): R280.00
  • Weigh-in or body composition assessment (15 minutes): R160.00

Out-of-the-box services

  • Shopping Tours @ R650.00 per hour
  • Hourly rate for Corporate @ R650.00 per hour
  • Please contact Cath Day ( if you wish to inquire about her professional speaking rates or the possibility of home visits 

If you would like to make a booking you can do so in two ways

  1. Book online using our online calendar – click on this link
  2. Phone the Alphen House receptionist. Please contact her directly at 021 794 5789 or email her at 
  3. Email me at or whats app (only during business hours please) at 082 534 9098 

If you would like to speak to me directly before making an appointment. Please email me with your query and contact number and I will phone you back or respond via email. 

Note: I charge Discovery medical aid rates so that I ensure that most of my patients are reimbursed by their medical aid (should they have one). I do this because I know paying the short fall can be difficult for some families. There may be other health professionals who charge more than me – this is not a reflection on my education nor my experience. I base my rates on what I feel most families can afford and based on the amount of time I spend with you. 

My philosophy is to educate you around nutrition in such a way that you do not need to rely on rigid meal plans to maintain a long-term sustainable healthy eating pattern (allowing you to make good choices irrespective of the food situation you find yourself in). However I do provide you with a flexible 3 day sample meal plan as it is a good tool to get you started and to learn proper portion control which is included in the 60-90 minute consultation fee.

If you are a new patient and you are only able to come for 60 minutes then your eating plan can be sent  to you via email or you can book a follow-up appointment in 3 days time. If your plan is emailed to you confirmation of receipt of this email is your responsibility.

If you would like more extensive meal plans (i.e. more than 3 days) and specialized recipes these will be at an additional cost due to the time (outside of your consultation fee as mentioned above) needed to compile them for you. A quote outlining this can be provided upon request.