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Food Synergy

Are you tired of the same old combinations? Looking for some great ideas? Ideas that not only tickle the taste buds but are packed with goodness. An exciting area of nutrition research – ‘food synergy – may be an option worth considering. The term ‘food synergy’ implies that some foods containing various food components may act in concert on our health. Here are some nifty combo’s that may help you achieve a particular health benefit.

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Healthy Cottage Pie

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old traditional Cottage Pie. Make most meals during the week nutritious and packed with goodness! This recipe is great as it is a good source of fiber (added lentils) and it uses leaner forms of protein and canola oil as a source of healthy fats.

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Vitamin D

Winter is slowly approaching… Most of us have already said goodbye to summer by bringing down the winter clothing and boots from the top of the cupboard (not to mention the rain jackets/ wind breakers and umbrella’s that were a necessity about two weeks ago!). But now the SUN has appeared again and it looks like Autumn will last a little longer than we all thought…

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Super Salads

Super salads, how to make salads more interesting?

Salads are great – but at a stage they can become BORING.. instead of reverting to poorer choices… rather make them more interesting..Salads should be more than just BUNNY food.. add some goodness to your next salad.

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Meatless Monday

Butternut, Lentil & Parmesan  Lasagne

This is a great Meatless Monday idea! Another adapted recipe from Eating for Sustained Energy – this one was more adapted than most as I wanted to use up some of the ingredients left over in my cupboard…

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Healthy Rusks

Rusks can be a great way to get your day going. However, commercial rusks often are very high in the unhealthy fats (palm kernel oil or hydrogenated fat) as well as high in sugar. Therefore, it may be worth you while making your own rusks as they would be a far healthier alternative.

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