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All about Catherine Day Dietetics

Cath Day RD (SA) SACLC, provides sound and individualized nutrition advice and recommendations to her patients. She is a registered dietitian and certified lactation consultant based in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town, Constantia.

She is a former lecturer  from the Division of Human Nutrition, Department of Biology at the University of Cape Town. She has a passion for teaching her students and most of all her patients about nutrition. Her approach to nutrition is simple. She helps her patients find solutions that will suit their lifestyle. She focuses on helping her patients make healthy meal choices which are delicious and works with the mind when it comes to healthy living. This allows her to focus on a holistic approach to health. 

Cath’s motto: Love Food. Eat Smart. Love life.

Cath also assists mothers with breastfeeding problems because for most mothers it is not as easy as it seems and at times – problems do crop up. Getting support and help during these times is so important – don’t struggle – it is already difficult being a mother. 

Cath also writes for the media about all things nutrition, breastfeeding and infant nutrition. She also loves to be involved in corporate wellness days by organizing healthy food displays, smoothie and lunchbox demonstrations as well as professional presentations on healthy eating and living.

Cath’s loves (other than nutrition) = my husband, my daughter , my daxies and I am an avid foodie, squash player and nature lover!

Catherine Day Qualifications

Catherine Day has the following qualifications from reputable universities in South Africa:

  • BSc Human Life Sciences – University of Stellenbosch
  • BSc (Med)(Hons) Medical Physiology – University of Stellenbosch – Cum Laude
  • BSc (Med)(Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics – University of Cape Town
  • Postgraduate diploma in South African Lactation Consultancy – University of Witwatersrand

Catherine Day belongs to the following professional boards and associations:

  • Health Professionals Council (DT0038369)
  • Board of Health Care Funders (0840000449008)
  • Association of Dietetics South Africa – Executive Board Portfolio Holder: Communications 2015-2017
  • Association of Dietetics South Africa Board Western Cape Branch Committee: Chairlady: 2015-2016

Additional work experience:

  • Lecturer at the University of Cape Town: Division of Human Nutrition: Nutrition Science, Breastfeeding, Infancy Nutrition, Childhood Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition (Weight management, Lower GIT issues, Rheumatic Disease, Food intolerance)
  • Research: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – Child development (University of Cape Town)
  • Early childhood development and nutrition for childhood training

Courses attended:

  • Treating the Emotional Eater Foundation Course (Module 1 & 2) in 2013
  • Treating the Emotional Eater Course (Module 3 & 4) in 2014



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Scientific Journal article published

  • Harbron J, Booley S, Najaar B, Day CE. Responsive feeding: establishing healthy eating behavior early on in life. S Afr J Clin Nutr 2013; 26(3)

TV appearances

  • Hectic 9 TV Show – Food safety & Sugar and Health (aired November 2014 on SABC 2)
  • Expresso TV Show – Competitive Eating (aired March 2015 on SABC 3)
  • Expresso TV Show – Breastfeeding in the work place (aired August 2015 on SABC 3)
  • Special Assignment – Sugar and obesity (aired January 2015 on SABC 3)

Radio talk shows

  • Cape Talk with Pippa Hudson (aired November 2015)
  • Voice of the Cape with Yusuf Mallie (aired December 2015)
  • SAFM with Ike (aired February 2016)

Magazine Articles Published

  • Clicks online magazine – starting solids Published September 2016
  • Woman’s Health Magazine – Juicing Published September 2015
  • Woman’s Health Magazine – Is bread the devil? Published August 2015
  • Good House Keeping – Sugars found in fruits. Published July 2015
  • Trail Magazine – Statement provided on Glycaemic Index and Energy in 2014
  • Weigh less internet article – Contributor on High Protein and High Fat Diet in 2014
  • YOU Magazine – Alcohol and Portion Size contributing Author in 2014
  • Woman’s Health Magazine – Food Synergy. Published in August 2013
  • Foschini X Magazine – Food Labels, Published in 2012
  • Jump Magazine – Caution with your portion, Published with Western Cape ADSA Branch in 2013