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Autumn Recipe

Hake Chowder Recipe for a Chilly Autumn Evening!


This is a FANTASTIC recipe as it is QUICK, EASY and HEALTHY! We should be trying to consume fish at least twice a week. Fish is a good source of iron, it is also low fat, a high biological value protein and great source of iodine and other minerals..

Hake Medallions (two per person)
Lite coconut milk
Canola oil
Chopped onion
Wholewheat Egg Noodles
Basil Pesto
Black pepper
Pinch of Salt
Plain yoghurt
Fresh Parsley

Add 0.5 tsp per person eating from the meal in the form of canola oil to the pan
Saute your onions until translucent
Add the frozen hake medallions to the onions & cook until the fish is no longer pink in colour (now white in colour)
Season with black pepper, salt, lemon, garlic (to taste) – other spices welcome
Add a small can of lite coconut milk to the pan and let the fish poach in the milk
Add 2 Tbsp basil pesto after you have added the coconut milk
Allow to simmer – this fish could become nice and soft and tender
15 minutes before serving – add the frozen peas and corn (you are welcome to add other veggies such as patty pans, baby marrow and spinach)
10 minutes before serving – add boiling water to a pot and once boiling in the pot add your wholewheat noodles (or prepare according to packaging). The ones I have only take 4 minutes. Another quick source of HEALTHY carbohydrate to add to this is wholewheat couscous
Dish up the noodles in a bowl aiming for 1/2 cup – 1 cup per portion (depending on your needs) and top with the coconut milk and basil flavoured hake madellions which should now be nice and juicy!
Top with plain yoghurt and fresh parsley
For a kick – add a little cayenne pepper or fresh or dried chilli

ENJOY, with family and friends. REMEMBER… Love food. Eat Smart. Love Life.